ROGUE (n.): 1. a vagrant; 2. a person who does not behave in the usual way


Gone Rogue Travel Co. was founded in 2016 by director, Meghan, after she noticed a gap in the travel industry. Hundreds of travel companies were taking people on big, touristy bus tours; others were charging ridiculous prices to “customize” a complete itinerary for someone wanting to do their own thing but lacking the time to research.

No options existed for a traveler wanting an authentic experience without the headache of figuring out where to begin planning. Cue: Gone Rogue Travel Co.

A firm believer in independent travel, she built a company that would allow wanderers looking for genuine travel experiences to start their adventures. Based on their specific bucket lists, Gone Rogue Travel Co. builds customized route itineraries.

What a customized route itinerary includes:

  • The absolute best route through Europe so that you spend your time exploring the world instead of the inside of a bus
  • Your cheapest flight and between-city travel options
  • A simplified budget guide

Gone Rogue gets the nitty gritty details out of the way so that you can focus on filling in the fun stuff. It’s that easy.

This blog was designed to help you fill in that fun stuff (a.k.a. the eating, sleeping, and exploring details of your trip) while still leaving you in complete control.

Gone Rogue is not out to sell you an overpriced tour package. Instead, we give you the framework for an amazing adventure + the freedom to fill in the gaps. There’s no better time to begin going rogue.

Our Travel Ideologies


1. Live Like a Local

Gone Rogue specializes in customized travel routes through Europe that take you off the typical tourist path and into the heart of true traveling—immersing yourself in new cultures and embracing new experiences.



2. Be a Control Freak

You want to be in charge, and that’s fine by us.

In fact, travel is more enriching the more you research yourself. Instead of sitting back as an idle observer, take control of your adventure and use our resources to get started today.


3. Travel Authentically

You’ll rarely find Europeans on a giant tour bus. Gone Rogue recommends only local and public transportation to allow you the most authentic (and least expensive) travel possible.



4. Save Your Savings

Traveling to Europe does not have to break the bank. An amazing DIY trip generally costs one-third less than joining a pre-packaged tour. Gone Rogue gets you off to a great start in your planning process, plus hooks you up with a budget guide to track your spending and travel cheaply.

You can use your leftover savings for your next big adventure.


5. Explore On Your Time

Gone Rogue knows that any true wanderer can’t be bound by a schedule. That’s why we believe in giving travelers the flexibility to fill in their own itineraries and instead focus on helping you get from here to there so that you can go everywhere.


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6. Take as Many Detours as You Like

Your travel should never be set in stone. Each route we make allows for (and recommends) a few detours.

We give you a rule-of-thumb for days to spend in each place, but hey, rules were made to be broken.


7. Meet People from Around the Globe

Good friends come from all corners of the world.

Avoid an organized tour group of just Americans and expand your worldview and your global friend base in each location along your route.


8. Been There, Done That

We have traveled through—and gotten lost in—every single one of our handpicked destinations. We messed up so you won’t have to.

Though, to be honest, sometimes getting lost is part of the fun.


9. Freedom = Fundom

Traveling helps you discover your own independence and freedom. Never let a tour operator restrict that freedom; we embrace and enhance the fact that every journey is, and should be, unique.

You are in charge of your own destination; we simply reveal the best way to reach it. Dream big and go rogue.