Meghan at Otternes Farm in Flam Norway

24 goals for my 24th year of life

I once gave up drinking soda (or as we Midwesterners call it, ‘pop’) for my New Year’s resolution, wrote the resolution down, and made it to the following January having only gorged on one root beer float over the 4th of July.

So yeah, since then I’ve been a firm believer that writing down my goals helps them manifest. Though I’ve been 24 for four months already, I’m doing the same in this blog post. I figure with readers to keep me accountable, they’re even more likely to actually happen.

1. Go on an activity holiday

After working for activity travel company, GoLearnTo, I really want to fly to Seville for a Spanish & Flamenco dancing weekend. Or a surf weekend in Portugal. Or a fitness retreat on the beaches of Spain…

2. Make money independently

I’m 24, and I’m tired of working for the (wo)man. Location-independence and financial stability without the typical 40-hour dredge in an office are the dream. Any ideas? I refuse to sell products on Facebook, but am open to other things.

3. Travel solo

In November, I flew to Poland alone and had an incredible time in Wroclaw and Krakow exploring Christmas markets, eating delicious (and very similar to ND) food, and drinking cheap beer (less than $2 a pint!).

I don’t have my next solo adventure planned yet but believe me, you’ll be reading about one soon.

4. Put product on Kickstarter

One of my heftier goals, I’m intrigued by the Kickstarter platform. Before I can explore it more, I should probably think of a product idea….

5. Sell a product on Etsy

Etsy is right up my alley: design, creativity, and pretty things all rolled into one website. I’ve finally made my first Etsy purchase, and now it’s on to my first Etsy product. Stay tuned.

6. Add to retirement fund

I set up a RothIRA retirement fund right before my 23rd birthday. I haven’t added to it since.

So, I organized automatic transfers from my bank directly into the account a few days ago. Even though I don’t have enough cash (yet!) to max it out, small amounts automatically coming out means I won’t notice it leaving my bank account and it’s still growing a bit.

7. Grow blog to 5K followers

I’d love for this blog to continue to grow from its current 25 followers (thanks guys!) to 5,000+.

8. Start freelance copywriting

My background in writing and SEO tactics mix well for freelance. It’s just a matter of finding clients.

9. US road trip

I’ve crossed this off as it’s planned for August and my travel companions have already booked their flights (yippeeee!) so it’s for sure happening. You can read our road trip itinerary plans here.

10. Speak French fluently

I’ve been learning French on and off since college, but would barely consider myself a beginner. I can read and write it, but when it comes to listening and speaking it’s a whole new story.

Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and join a French learning holiday in Bordeaux or Provence.

11. Start food tours in Fargo

Fargo, ND, has some ah-maze-ing restaurants in its downtown area. I think a food tour would highlight them (and I get to eat on the job) and give visitors to Fargo and North Dakota an interesting thing to do.

12. Do the splits with both legs

I’m not tall, but I’m tall for a girl (5’7″) and I’m inflexible as a board. Even as a fourth grader I couldn’t do the splits, so if I can do them by the time I’m 25, I’ll be pretty pleased.

But, holy cow, it sucks to stretch.

13. Join swing dancing club & attend an event

I love swing dancing, two stepping, barn dances, the whole lot… there just aren’t many places to do them.

So, I joined and in turn a dancing club in Bismarck and one in Fargo so I can get jiggy with it. Finally.

14. Run a 10K or half marathon

I’ve run 12 miles before, but never as part of a race, and never alone. Is it weird to run a half marathon alone?

15. Get rid of 50% of my belongings

Every time I move overseas (or pack in general), I’m constantly saying to anyone who will listen that I have too much stuff.

I’d like to be more mobile and flexible, and just less weighed down by belongings.

16. Volunteer

Whether my time or my skills, I’d like to volunteer with an organization that helps women in any way, shape, or form.

17. Spend more time with my grandparents

I’m rubbish at staying in touch with anyone, least of all my grandparents, so this can definitely change.

18. Find a part-time job

Until making money independently works out for me, I’ll need a part time job, and preferably one that I enjoy.

19. Read a book a month

I love reading, but it’s completely fallen off my radar as other tasks encroach on my time. Any recommendations? I’m currently on Tim Ferriss’ Four-hour Work Week.

20. Drink four 20 oz. bottles of water a day

Drinking more water has long been one of my goals; apparently, it does wonders for mood, hair, skin, and overall health.

The recommended amount for a woman is 91 oz per day, so I’m aiming for 80 oz as a more manageable target.

If only it tasted better.

21. Save $25,000 for a trip around the world

Hence, number 18.

22. Learn to surf

Living in ND poses a unique situation: oceans are thousands of miles away on either side. I’m hoping to learn to hang ten during our road trip this summer, somewhere in California.

23. Learn to design a website

I’ve done this on Wix and WordPress, but I’d like to know the nitty gritty of actual code and website design.

24. Do a yoga headstand

Yoga might help me reach goal #12, and apparently it’s also good for stress.

Though I’ve always found the blood rushing to my head while painfully holding downward dog and being told to breath more stressful than helpful, I’d like to be able to hold a handstand.

Some of these rank higher than others, but if I can do them all (in the remaining 8 months of this year), I’ll be as happy as Phoebe in that Friends episode where they all turn 30.

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