Why Prague beats Paris in the romance department

Everyone raves about how romantic Paris is, but to be honest, I just don’t buy it. I’ve been to Paris a few times, and each time leave unimpressed by its dirtiness, crowds, and tourist-infested sights.

It’s not Paris’s fault, really, that its fame has brought the inevitable wave of people piggybacking onto its tourism cashflow. It is, however, why I propose a new, vibrant romance capital for Europe in 2017: Prague.

Fewer tourists, more fun

Prague gets its fair share of tourists, but still manages to stay charming. Just steps off the main areas near Charles Bridge and the Atomic Clock, you’ll find yourself on winding cobbled streets passing hidden courtyards and quaint storefronts, without worry about someone trying to sell you an Eiffel Tower shaped keychain.

Old World charm

Unlike Western European cities, Prague was still communist (and part of Czechoslovakia) until 1989. That means a trip to Prague is a time warp to an era of stone facades, grandiose buildings, and historic architecture… this frozen charm is a silver lining to an otherwise dark period.

While many gush about the adorable iron balconies and shuttered windows of Paris, I’ll take the cobbled streets, intricate stonework, and authentic allure of Prague any day.

It’s a cheap date

Prague’s prices simply can’t be beat. You can find a giant selection board of meat and potatoes that will feed two (more like four!) for less than £10. While you may get a cocktail for that much in Paris, you could easily get three beers, or a 2 course meal for the same in Prague.

While prices aren’t an entirely “romantic” subject, it does play in to how much you can enjoy and take in during your visit. Eating like royalty without blowing your budget? That’s enough to sweep anyone off their feet.

Privacy is key

Prague is a relatively small city when compared to Paris, which gives it a warm and fuzzy coziness. If you travel in the off season or head onto the streets early in the morning or late in the evening, it seems as if you have the entire city to yourself.

Not feeling like you’re fighting other couples for space or vying for some alone time gives Prague the top spot on my romantic getaway list. Where is yours? I’d love to hear about it!

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2 thoughts on “Why Prague beats Paris in the romance department

  1. I love your article about Prague! maybe I will even get Scott to go there, as long as he doesn’t hear about one single crime happening there. [😊] We’ll start him off with London; then we’ll see?



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