Top budget meals in Copenhagen

With Copenhagen ranking in the top ten most expensive cities in the world, it’s no easy feat finding eateries that won’t break the bank. Luckily, with patience and a little adventure, you can find a delicious bite with some of these hidden, local gems.

Copenhagen Street Food Warehouse

Across the canal (in Christianshavn near the Opera House) is a lunch go-ers mecca. As you cross the foot bridge, locate the bright ‘CC’ to your left. This denotes Copenhagen’s Contemporary Art Museum (fun fact: it was funded by Yoko Ono). Right next door, in a basically unmarked but connected warehouse, you enter to find food stalls of every variety lining the lanes. It bustles with locals, students, and tourists alike. Stroll the aisles, taking in the smells before selecting your ideal cuisine. Then grab your meal and find a seat at one of the picnic tables dotting the space and enjoy. Prices are fair, choices are endless, and the food is delicious.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, consider grabbing a Pølse from one of the many street vendors selling them near every attraction. The Danish version of a hotdog, these delicious treats will fill you up without blowing your budget. More like a sausage than a beef wiener, you can also find them in the warehouse (listed above) as part of a meal deal alongside a hearty batch of roasted potatoes for 90 kr a person.


Another classic Danish option, these open-faced sandwiches are readily available in cafes and corner shops. Some restaurants offer nice deals for lunch (i.e. 3 sandwiches for 120 kr) so be selective and only go for the best deals here. While you’re at it, try an option with herring (the national Danish fish) for a truly locally-sourced meal.


Copenhagen embraces its multicultural influences. Neighborhoods surrounding the city center and across the man-made lakes showcase all types of ethnic cuisine. Because of this, Thai restaurants and kebab shops make getting a cheap-but-delicious lunch incredibly easy. The Nørrebro/Nørreport area has an award-winning kebab shop called Husum that dishes up a large kebab, fries, and a drink, for only 75 kr. On a side note, this neighbourhood also boasts the only Michelin-rated Thai restaurant in the world (for quite a bit more than the aforementioned kebab).

Café treat

Copenhagen residents are huge on their coffee; you can’t walk a block without stumbling upon another café (or Kaffe). Consider popping in for lunch as many cafes serve noontime sandwiches on the cheap that work for grab-n-go or a decent sit down meal. Kaffehuset is a popular chain that does just that (along with serving up incredible milkshakes).

Donut Shop

If you decide to wander through the Nørrebro area, you can find a cosy Donut Shop up Jægersborggade that serves large paninis for just over 50 kr. The shop owner is a firm believer that you should be able to get full on 50 kr in Copenhagen and therefore prices fairly. Listen to some sooth R&B/hip-hop and ask him about his DJ career for some great stories alongside your meal.

Aldi or Lidl

Or, if all else fails, head to the nearest supermarket and pull your own lunch together from the unique items you find. It makes lunch both tasty and adventurous.

Eating cheaply is the number one way to save money in Scandinavia. Don’t get drawn into white tableclothed tourist traps (unless that’s your thing), and opt for a cheap, local option instead.

Find out how we saved £80 on our trip to Copenhagen, and share your top budgeting tips below!

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