What you learn working at a tech startup in London

Working in another culture teaches you how to cope with a new surrounding while developing yourself. Meanwhile, entering into the startup realm equips you with an entirely new set of skills that make you valuable to future employers. Few better places exist to get both of these experiences than in the business and networking hub that is London. The learning possibilities are endless.

How your colleagues take their tea

Though perhaps not a marketable skill set, you get to know your coworkers and their preferences intimately in a startup:

“Decaf with milk, please!”

“Tiny bit of sugar.”

“Black please with the teabag left in the mug.”

“Just regular tea for me!” (a.k.a. basic black tea with a dash of milk)

It’s England, it’s a small office, and soon you will be a pro at any version of a tea order and have memorized how every person likes theirs. Oh, and if tea isn’t your thing, it will quickly grow on you.

Functions of basic tech programs (Excel, Gmail, etc.) that you never knew existed

Ever heard of the Countif function? What about Streak or email snippets? You will quickly learn (or quickly learn to Google what you can’t figure out) all of the necessary tech functions to make you efficient and proficient.

How to juggle many job descriptions and the tasks that go with them

Working at a tech-based travel company, in any given week you can do everything from cold calling new travel sellers to updating social media posts to taking customer inquiries. You may even get the chance to work with your company’s web designers and write a bit of code or help to develop the specific details of a new tech feature.

Fun keyboard shortcuts & Hotkeys

With anything tech, you much be fast-moving and quick to adapt. This means switching tabs, highlighting text, copying and pasting, undoing, etc. all from your keyboard with no mouse necessary.

Hotkeys likewise allows you to type in basic shortcut terms to populate an entire paragraph or saved email script.

How to adapt to an environment without a set routine

Almost daily, a tech startup can shift focus as a new target or necessity arises, the long-term strategy changes, you experience turnover, or a better system becomes available. If you cannot embrace change, you will not survive in this type of culture, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you agree to the position.

The startup world is fast, fun, and challenging, which makes it all the more rewarding. Because of their unique place in the industry, growth and development is fostered and encouraged, making them the ideal place to learn and change yourself.

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