Beauty hacks and items for the world traveler

Keeping up your traditional beauty regimen becomes much more difficult when traveling. Luckily, there are several tricks you can use to make traveling and staying fresh a simple affair.

Bring a small, adjustable mirror with a stand

When your hostel bathroom is packed, this will come in clutch to set on a windowsill or pillow while you apply your makeup.

Consider dry shampoo your new best friend

Who has time to shower everyday when you’re seeing the world? Dry shampoo saves you time and money and makes you look flawless (even without washing). Unfortunately if you’re packing light, you won’t be able to bring aerosol dry shampoo or any liquid versions in your carry-on.

Instead, bring baby powder as a cheap alternative. It whisks up the oil in your hair and makes it smell, well, fresh as a baby’s bottom. Hate the smell of baby’s bottom? Go for baking soda… it works just as well without the scent.

Buy a travel towel

Easily one of the top travel items to invest in, travel towels dry quickly, take up little space, and act as a towel, washcloth, makeup remover, and even blanket in dire times. Buy one, love one.

Pack some baby wipes or facial tissues

Bring a small pack of baby wipes or facial tissues in your carry-on. Their long list of uses includes:

  • makeup removal
  • taking a body “shower” in the airport bathroom
  • blowing your nose
  • standing in if your stall is out of toilet paper
  • padding uncomfortable shoes

Replace your liquids

As much as possible, move to powder format of your necessary makeup items to reduce the amount that could be confiscated by TSA

Tote clear nail polish

Not only does this give your nails a bit of shine (if you’re lacking other polish), it also seals holes and runs in your tights to keep them from growing.

Pack dark clothes and Tide-to-go

Tide-to-go is an obvious one for its help when you splash spaghetti sauce on your favorite top in Italy. Packing dark clothes is also useful for 3 reasons:

  1. Stains do not show as much and can be masked easily
  2. Dark clothes look less wrinkly after days in your suitcase or backpack
  3. You can mix-and-match more easily than with bright colors

Hundreds of other hacks exist, and I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below to share your favorite beauty secrets.

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