7 final things to do in the week before your overseas move

As the days dwindle to departure time, here are 7 final items to wrap up before you’re on to a new life.

1. Finish packing

Regardless of how many times you have packed and repacked your suitcase, those last-minute additions will still need to be accounted for. If you are using anything the morning of your departure, put a sticky note on the items to remind yourself to pack them after their use.

2. Call bank/credit card

You will have to let your bank and credit card know where and when you’ll be traveling. If you are moving permanently, you’ll probably have closed your accounts or rolled your money over to an international bank already.

But, if you are going for a temporary relocation, they will have to know about it. Otherwise they will shut your cards down at the first sign of international transactions. With my Capital One Venture Card, I could only set my travel dates for a maximum of 60 days. That being said, I made a note in my planner to reactivate travel dates once that time period expires.

3. Reconfirm rides to and from the airport

Though your departure date is an all-consuming thought for you, your ride to the airport may have accidentally written the time down wrong or thought you were leaving a week later than you are. Shoot them a text or email as a quick reminder to eliminate the possibility of unnecessary stress come departure day.

In the same sense, make sure your ride from the airport in your new home is aware of your arrival time and flight number. If you plan to use a taxi service, book it ahead of time for peace of mind (and add the confirmation printout to your important documents file).

4. Call phone company to give them your vacation dates

Like your bank, your phone company will need to know you’ll be out of the country. Again, if you’re moving permanently, you may have already sorted this and cancelled your service. For a temporary move, just let them know to suspend your service (usually for a limit of 90 days at a time).

5. Organize travel documents in the order you will need them

Nothing would be worse than arriving at the airport without your ticket confirmation or passport.

Make a pile of every document you will need (in the order you will need them), place them in the important documents file or folder that you will keep in your carry-on, and create a list to cross-reference on your departure date as a final check.

6. Pass on new address/phone number + important documents to family

Though you can do this at any point leading up to departure, many times last-minute changes arise that you will need to pass on to someone you trust.

Give them all of your information, from flight numbers to passport copies to bank information, so that if anything goes awry during your travels, you can contact someone on the homefront to help you out.

Also give extended family and friends your new address and phone number so that they have a way to reach you and write to you.

7. Enjoy your lasts

Finally, as much as you can, relish in your last moments in your old home. We have written a post specifically about enjoying your lasts. You’re on to new adventures, but it is important to make some time to appreciate everything you’ve loved in your past.

What else did you have to wrap up before your big move? Let me know your thoughts below.

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