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Enjoy your lasts before moving overseas

Moving abroad is stressful. But as the days wind down to departure, appreciate your lasts. Things are about to change drastically, so relish in some of your favorite things one final time.

1. Grab a coffee

For me, it was a Caribou Coffee Caramel Cooler with an extra shot of espresso. Definitely was well worth the $6.22 it cost for one last white girl drink. I also bought my favorite muffin to eat alongside it.

2. Eat at your favorite restaurant

Sushi, steak, Italian? Take a group of friends or family and feast one last time. I hit up Wasabi for my favorite sushi roll (the Broken Heart) with 3 of my best girlfriends.

3. Have a girls’ or guys’ night


This can be combined with some other favorite activity or held on its own. Schedule one night to sit around and reminisce on all of the crazy times you’ve had together. Laugh and cry it out, and you’ll be happier for it. Don’t forget to take pictures.

4. Watch a hometown football game

Or anything you love to do. Take the opportunity to see one last show, go to a final concert in your favorite venue, do a bar crawl, go bowling, attend your yoga class, see a movie, etc.

5. Spend time with family

Schedule time to visit all the family members who are important to you. Or throw yourself a going away party and invite everyone to it.

6. Make your favorite meals

Plan out your groceries and buy the ingredients for at least three of your favorite meals. Cook them and savor them, because once you move, the same brands and ingredients will not be readily available.

7. Go to Target, Walmart, or Costco

These superstores will not be in every major city across the pond. Walk through the aisles, marvel at American economies of scale, maybe buy some last-minute needs, and leave knowing you’ll be shopping much more locally in your new home’s mom-and-pop stores.

8. Drive

If your car is not going with you, take it for a spin on a nice evening. Roll down the windows and enjoy the luxury of driving with no worries and without having to rely on public transportation.

This list is by no means an end-all, be-all of final activities. Pack in as much as you can before your life changes completely. You’ll find new loves in your next destination, but savor your last moments and favorite items as much as you can before that time. As it leads up to departure, you can also find my 7 recommendations of things to do.

What things would/did you do before moving abroad?

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