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9 unusual items I packed to move overseas

For my journey, I packed to the max. While the typical shoes, clothes, jewelry, and makeup all found their way into my baggage, these surprising 9 items were must-haves for my time overseas.

Measuring Cups + Spoons

For me, who loves cooking and baking, this was a biggie. Recipes in the U.K. have metric measurements… a.k.a. instead of one cup of flour you need X amount of grams instead. Seriously, America, knowledge of the metric system would be bliss. Alas, none of the recipes I am bringing are easily transferable into grams, so I am forced to bring my Betty Crocker measuring cups and small silver measuring spoons.

Banana Bread Pan

This was personal preference. Banana bread is my go-to housewarming gift and surprise treat. While the U.K. may sell bread pans, I have yet to see one so I’m not going to risk it. Plus it is easy to pack it the hollow interior full of clothing during a move so it takes up very little space.


Related to the previous two items, I also compiled my favorite recipes from my mom, grandmas, sister, friends, etc. to take and recreate in England. Many are German/ethnic dishes we only have in good ol’ North Dakota that I hope to recreate for the family I will be living with.

Coffee Grounds

Though England’s drink is tea, mine is undoubtedly coffee. So until I’ve run out of my favorite coffee grounds, this American still runs on Dunkin’.

Side note: I will have to buy a French press to make it though, because most English people I know who drink coffee make the instant kind (yuck) or have a fancy latte machine.

Jif Peanut Butter

Ah, an American classic. If I could’ve fit the Costco size in my suitcase, I would’ve. Brits will tell you England has peanut butter—and it does—but it comes in small jars and tastes so different from a nice dollop of Jif that it can only be described as a sad disappointment.

Foam Roller

I get migraines from back tension, so I frequently find myself foam rolling out the kinks. My specific foam roller is hollow, so I could also fill the core with clothes and save space. If it was not hollow, I would just buy one off of Amazon and have it delivered though, because it is not worth the loss of packing room.

Piano Music

Piano is one of my favorite past times. Since the house I am living in has a wonderful keyboard, I am bringing only those pieces that I could not scan in and use from my computer.

Pinochle Cards

If you are not from the Midwest, you probably have no idea how to pronounce pinochle (formally: ˈpē-ˌnə-kəl; more simplified: pee-knuckle), much less play it. Hence the reason I plan to teach it and play it with my boyfriend and his family. A deck of cards is tiny and it is a great way to bring a piece of home with me.

Other Totes

Multiple tote bags have been filled with items I planned to pack and placed in my suitcase. This way, they are not taking up space as a folded item and instead also make unpacking in waves so much easier.

I’d love to hear about the odd/unique items you chose to include for your time abroad; please share them below! For a more in-depth look at packing, check out my Ultimate Packing Guide.

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