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I’m Meghan (read more about me here), and I’m an activity travel, expat advice, and female travel blogger who does a bit of copywriting and design on the side.

Since I left my 4,000-person town in ND for a move to London and a job in the activity travel realm, my outlook on life has changed. This blog and its name reflects how I try to live and write — outside the norm, and always true to myself.

ROGUE (n.): 1. a vagrant; 2. a person who does not behave in the usual way

Sedentary travel has never been my thing. Long-term, I’m looking to hike, do yoga, surf, photograph, cook, learn new languages, and actively adventure my way around the globe. In the meantime, I’ve been writing about expat life in London and the challenges of moving abroad, plus some quick trips around Europe.

If that sounds like your style, follow along for travel tips, inspiration & some general musings.

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Be bold. Live wild. Go rogue.

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