Behind Gone Rogue Travel

ROGUE (n.): 1. a vagrant; 2. a person who does not behave in the usual way

I’ve discovered two types of travelers: those that do and those that do not.

Those that do not tend to find an all-inclusive hotel, a beach, or a guided megabus tour and settle in for a week of hands-off relaxation. Meanwhile, those that do sleep in hostels and on overnight trains, surf instead of lay on the sand and get lost on city backstreets and use public transportation.

This is a blog for those that do.

I’m Meghan (read more about me here), an American living in London and currently planning a massive undertaking — 4 years and at least one activity in every country in the world.

Sedentary travel has never been my thing. Instead, I’m looking to hike, do yoga, surf, photograph, cook, learn new languages, and actively adventure my way around the globe. If that sounds like your style, follow along for travel tips, inspiration & info on the local, cultural activity holidays I experience.

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Be bold. Live wild. Go rogue.

Let’s get started.

Travel Blog

Activity Travel

From hiking to surfing, cooking to painting, photography to yoga, and beyond, I’m taking activity travel to the max and trying one must-do learning experience in each country.

I’ll be writing up a list for Europe soon, so you can follow as I cross each new adventure off of it. In the lineup? Perfume making, Flamenco dancing, dog sledding, wine tasting, fitness, plus tons more.

Where I’ve been

So far, I’ve only ticked 17 of the 196 countries in the world off my list, meaning I’ll have to hit an average of 45 per year to make my goal. I can do that… right?

Since I now live in the UK, hopping to countries like Spain, Norway, the Czech Republic, and more is made all the easier. I’ve had travel adventures across all of them, and am looking forward to the remaining 179 places I’ll get to experience.

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Expat Life

Welcome to the expat portion of Gone Rogue — Englican: My Split Life. (Because Amerish didn’t work as well).

Here, I cover all things confusing about loving two places, two lives, and two me’s. I’m happy to have you along for the ride… please, allow me share my seat on the struggle bus!

Since studying abroad in England in 2015 (read all about it here), I constantly thought about moving back. Now that I’m finally a grad, I’ve made it happen. It comes with its own set of issues: legal work visas, job sponsorships, flight costs, CV writing, Skype interviewing, filing taxes, and explaining it to my family, to name a few.

I’ve created this page to help others in similar situations wade through the madness (and the despair) that comes from loving a place whose immigration laws don’t love you back.

As I sign off, I will leave you with this little nugget from Miriam Adeney, who explains the reality of a split life like it is: “You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere.”


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